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Welcome to a new level of web development services

BurstOpen offers top-quality business and e-commerce web sites developed in the most cost-effective way possible: using open-source applications. To learn more about what open-source is and how it improves the bottom line for your business please see Open source explained.

From a simple update or bug-fix to a fully-comprehensive design / develop / webmaster service for your site, it’s all available at reasonable prices and all work is done by experienced professionals based in Australia.

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BurstOpen provides a comprehensive service including everything your business needs to thrive on the world wide web:

  • Modern web design (xHTML / CSS),
  • Expert web-development using open-source applications,
  • Search-engine optimization
  • Domain registration (
  • Reliable, high-performance hosting
  • Regular maintenance and ongoing expert support


One danger when contracting web development work is that your supplier may use proprietary or unusual software, leaving your business “locked-in” and dependent on them for all future maintenance and updates. This is a nightmare scenario for any business – you’re dependent on a single supplier, they can charge whatever they want and if you move to another supplier it will mean starting your web site again from scratch, costing you even more!

Using open-source software for your web site is your insurance policy against this happening: You can run the same software anywhere to display your web site and many developers around the world are familiar with hosting and maintaining it. So if for any reason you’re not happy with your host / developer / webmaster you’ll have no trouble finding a suitable replacement. This is the key benefit of open-source: No lock-in!

At BurstOpen I’m also committed to this flexibility: while everything you need is available you can also choose just the specific services you need. And on completion of the project the web-site is your own. I offer ongoing maintenance services (and most clients choose this option) but there’s absolutely no obligation.


Whether the job is a simple update or a complete redesign you’ll receive a fixed-price quote in advance with no obligation to buy. Most small jobs are invoiced on satisfactory completion; for larger projects staged payments will be agreed in advance – in either case payments are always based on achieving the specified goal.

By choosing the most appropriate application to meet most of the client’s requirements out-of-the-box and then adapting it as necessary, complex web sites can be created quickly and at a cost that could be an order of magnitude lower than for a complete custom solution. Ask for a fixed price quote!