The golden rule is that there are no golden rules.
George Bernard Shaw

A wide-ranging target audience

This site is intended for a wide range of readers from small business owners looking for general advice on how to build their web sites to developers looking for advanced tips. This is reflected in the colours of the main tabs at the top of each page – on the left the violets and blues represent the commercial side of the site and on the right the orange and red is for more technically-advanced material.

So a large part of this site is providing a resource to share information with other developers and independent users. This provides a technical background to support the commercial offerings and it’s also the right thing to do – helping to support open-source software as it supports my business.


Most web design / development sites concentrate only on the hard sell: "Look at us – we’re brilliant! Buy now!". In designing this site I wanted to do something different, to treat you, the potential client, as an intelligent person and demonstrate why you should buy now – because what we offer is technically superior and brings financial benefits to your business.


No matter where you fall in the spectrum of user types I hope you find the site useful. If you’re developing your own web site please feel free to post questions or comments in the relevant sections, and if you’re a business owner or decision-maker please remember that everything described here is also available as a service. Please see the Services page for more information or contact me for a fixed-price quote.