Equal opportunity means everyone will have a fair chance at being incompetent.
Laurence J. Peter

Small business advantages

Some small businesses like to pretend to be bigger than they really are: “Hi, I’m Chris, CEO of BurstOpen Group Inc. and my entire team is ready to start immediately on your order!”. I prefer to be honest – I run this business as a sole-trader – and instead focus on the advantages of dealing with a small business:

  • Personal service. Pick up the phone and speak directly to someone who knows you, your web-site, the applications it’s using and the server it’s on. No more endless phone menus leading you (finally) to a minion who knows nothing!
  • Quality work at reasonable prices – your payments go to pay my wages and my server costs, not the rent on a fancy office block.
  • Work is rarely outsourced. If the scale of a job requires outsourcing this will be discussed with you in advance and rigorously monitored.
  • Out-of-hours contact – phone my mobile (number supplied to clients) for emergency help at any time.

A stable and long-established business

Of course as a business person you will be aware of some potential drawbacks, notably that the small-business may be unable to complete your job or may even disappear unexpectedly. Experience will build trust to allay these fears but in the meantime I offer these assurances:

  • I started my business (Internet Lynx ABN 84678097199) in 1999. 8 years later (at the time of writing) I’ve no plans to change.
  • References from current clients are available on request.
  • Invoices for web design and development work are payable on completion of agreed milestones – you pay only for what you receive. Hosting fees are payable in advance, in line with industry standards, but with pro-rata refunds available should you wish to cancel before the end of your term.
  • If you ever want to migrate your web site to another provider (there’s a first time for everything, I guess!) you’ll have everything you need to do so: control-panel access to take your own backups and full control over any domains registered through me, i.e. you will be named as registrant and admin contact.

If you have any questions please contact me.