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Sir Francis Bacon

Lussomo Vanilla is free, open-source forum software using PHP and MySQL. It is written with particular emphasis on standards-compliance and extensibility, so much so that in its standard form it is startlingly simple and stark, particularly in the default layout which shows all recent posts on a single page.

As a result, if your visitors are regular users of other forums they may find Vanilla strange and quirky, and you may prefer to install a more conventional forum such as SMF. On the other hand if you’re building a new community whose visitors don’t have preconceived ideas of what a “real” forum is like, Vanilla may suit them!

Vanilla is particularly good for new and low-traffic forums, but still easily adaptable to a more conventional format if the site becomes busier and separation of posts by subject becomes a priority.

More information is available on the Lussomo Vanilla web site.