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Thomas Jefferson

Custom programming for all web applications

Where possible I normally recommend an open-source web application – of the many available there is usually at least one that suits the client’s needs with minimal customisation. This gives the client a top-quality solution at the best possible price.

But sometimes the client’s specification is just so different to what’s available that this approach doesn’t make sense. For these few cases a complete custom-coded solution is the only answer.

Server-side programming is available in the popular open-source languages PHP and Perl, as well as bash shell scripting where appropriate. Client-side javascript and AJAX are used, plus modern markup using xHTML and CSS.

Past projects include these areas of expertise:

  • Custom CMS (content management systems)
  • Images generated on-the-fly from database or calculated data
  • Engineering and scientific online calculators
  • Custom backup solutions, dns controls and control panel integration