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Dual hosts! Reliable, quality hosting with added security.

BurstOpen’s dual-hosting system allows your site to be hosted on two of our recommended hosts simultaneously, backed up and synchronised three times a day and continuously monitored for uptime and performance. In the event that your primary host experiences problems (it will happen sooner or later – even the best hosts cannot maintain 100% uptime) a failover system will automatically switch your visitors to the secondary host with minimal downtime.

Verify the copy on the secondary host at any time using a special URL – check for yourself that the system is working and your backup is safely online!

BurstOpen can provide both hosting accounts or just one in combination with another hosting account of your own. You can choose which is the primary and secondary account, and change between them, say to avoid scheduled maintenance on one host. You can even host multiple domains using different accounts as the primary. Each setup is customised to your needs.

BurstOpen’s in-house synchronisation, monitoring and failover system.

The system used for backups, monitoring and failover was developed in-house and (naturally) released as open-source. For more information see the ClonePanel web site.